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Review on MJ Wireless & Experiments, Japan - 2008 Excellence Award: Technology of the year

Zingali Twenty 1.12 reviewed on MJ Wireless & Experiments after winning the 2008 Excellence Award in speaker division as Technology of the year

Review on Swing Journal, Japan - The 2008 Top Jazz Component award & The Best Overseas Component

Zingali Twenty 1.12 reviewed on Swing Journal after winning two awards:  The 2008 Top Jazz Component: Audio and  The Best Overseas Component: Speaker    

Review on Radio Technique, Japan - Stereo Component Grand Prix 2008

Zingali Twenty 1.12 reviewed on Radio Technique  after winning the 2008 Stereo Component Grand Prix   

Review on Stereo Sound - Grand Prix 2008 , Japan

Zingali Twenty 1.12  reviewed on in Japan after  winning the 2008 Stereo Sound Grand Prix award